Goodland Trio

With soprano saxophone, accordion and guitar Goodland Trio invites you to their warm soundscapes. Groovy, responsive and sincerely the trio plays their self-composed folk music where the frequent interaction is the focus.
Hanna Wiskari Griffiths - soprano saxophone
Oskar Reuter -  12- and 6-string guitar
Jonathan Larsson - accordion
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Indiefolktrion is independent and expressive. The group writes music that is soft and rich. They use their instruments to express existence teeming variability and nonverbal dance. Melodic nutrients taken from Swedish folk music, jazz and baroque. There is a longing and melancholy. But sometimes  the music is shaped into a big smile.
Oskar Reuter - mandolin
Erik Dahl - piano
Vikor Turegård - bas

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Oskar & Jonathan

Oskar & Jonathan has been playing together for many years, both as a duo and in Goodland trio.  In this duo their love for playing the polska really comes to life. Occasionally one or another type of dance tune may also appear in their repertoire.

Jonathan Larsson - accordion
Oskar Reuter - Nyckelharpa and guitar

Jonsson Reuter Söderqvist

New and old traditional folk music played by a trio that combines the styles of traditional folk music from Sweden, America and the British Isles and also adding a lot of improvisation to the scene.
Lena Jonsson - fiddle
Oskar Reuter - guitar
Svante Söderqvist - double bass

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The Woods

Power polska and bogaloopolka. Muscle Folk on speed.
Oskar Reuter - mandolin
Arvid Kästel - piano
Erik Gunnars Risberg - fiddle
Anton Davidsson - Drums
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Sofia Assarsson- vocals
Kristoffer Åhsberg - guitar, banjo, vocals
Pelle Hedeblom - bass, vocals
Erik Gunnars Risberg - fiddle
Oskar Reuter - mandolin, guitar, vocals

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Trumpet och moraoud

Jonathan Gustavsson - trumpet
Oskar Reuter - moraoud, mandola

Photo: Kristin Lidell
Photo: Donovan van Martens
Foto: Viktor Reuter
Photo: Anna Gillbom
Photo: Unknown Iphone user
Photo: Jonathan Gustavsson